Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Program

To minimise the risk of down time, Stiles Electrical is able work closely with your maintenance team to develop a scheduled preventative maintenance program that is tailored to your specific requirements.

As part of this service, our team will analyse your current electrical installation, diagnose potential threats to your operation and make recommendations for action accordingly. In response to your site evaluation, a maintenance package would be proposed containing any combination of the following areas:

  • Exit & emergency light testing;
  • Testing and tagging of electrical equipment;
  • Thermographic testing of switchboards;
  • Residual Current Device (RCD) testing;
  • Lamp replacement programs;
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker testing; and
  • Light level testing.

Emergency Response Service

For clients with critical power supply requirements requiring 24/7 uptime, we also offer an emergency response maintenance service. This value-added service allows us to provide these clients with the surety that any operational downtime can be minimised. This service has been particularly welcomed by our clients within the manufacturing, mining and health sectors.

Safety and risk management

Stiles Electrical is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety, which is demonstrated through our Safety Management Plan. This document outlines various safety Policies we have in place, which includes Occupational Health and Safety, No Live-Work Policy and Company Vehicle Policy.

As part of our maintenance service, we conduct a full hazard and risk assessment prior to undertaking any work and uphold industry’s highest OH&S accreditation (AS:NZS ISO45001). All service personnel are also trained in first aid, level 2.

More Information

Please contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.